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Outreach and Special Events!

Flemington Circle Book Study


The Flemington Circle meets on Thursday nights, twice a month, at 7 PM at the Ship Inn Resturant and Brewery.  Please call ahead (908-788-3840) to get the date of the next meeting.  All are warmly welcomed!

The current book we are studying is called The Unquenchable Flame: Discovering the Heart of the Reformation by Michael Reeves.  Reeves does an excellent job at presenting an interesting and concise overview of the Reformation.  In our day, reading historical theology has fallen on hard times.  Questions like “Why do I need to know this?” or “What has this got to do with me now?” are often asked because it can seem irrelevant.  Can’t we just learn about the theology and forget about where it came from?  Not really.  Theological articulation usually arises out of a historical incident in which the theology was challenged.  Therefore, in order to articulate our theology properly we need to learn about the historical situation from which it arose.  This means that historical theology is important!

The next meeting will be May 28 at 7 PM, Lord willing.



Princeton Book Study


This group meets periodically over breakfast at the Red Oak Diner on Rt. 206 in Princeton.  Please call ahead (908-788-3840) for details!

Ladies' Scripture and Prayer Meeting

You are warmly welcomed to join the ladies for a monthly time in God's Word and Prayer!  This time of fellowship around the Word of God usually takes place one Saturday morning a month.  Currently, the gospel of John is being studied and discussed.

Please call ahead for details!  All women are welcomed!


Nursing Home and Care Center Ministries

Join us every second Sunday of the month to minister the Gospel to the residents of the Rolling Hills Care Center, and every fourth Sunday of the month to minister to the residents of the Hunterdon Care Center.

We sing hymns, pray, and greet the residents- but most importantly- we preach the Good News of Jesus Christ from Scripture.  Please pray for this ministry!