Calvary Church of Amwell

A Congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church

Ministering the Whole Counsel of God to the Whole People of God!"

Serving Hunterdon County with the good news of the Gospel since 1937!

A Photo Tour of Calvary Church!

Here is a recent Fellowship Meal following the Morning Worship Service.  This a great time to discuss the Lord with brothers and sisters in Christ, to share our joys and struggles, and to encourage one another in the hope of Christ.  All are welcome to come, eat great food (it is great!), ask questions, and to get to know us.

Here is a recent Spring 2014 picture of Calvary Church following Morning Worship on the Lord's Day.  We believe the Church is the bride of Christ, and though it is composed of many members with many differences, it is one body of God's children, united together through the redemptive work of Christ in making us new creations.

On the left is a picture from one of our monthly nursing home ministries.  Once a month, members of the congregation go to two local nursing home care facilities to preach the Word and minister to the elderly and the sick in our local community.


On the right is a picture of preparations for a children's event.


Here is Elder Sisto at the annual Calvary Church table at the Hunterdon County 4-H Fair.  We had plenty of opportunities to give out Gospel literature and to engage our neighbors for the sake of Christ. 

This is our worship auditorium.  It can fit 100 people comfortably.

This is the outside of our church building.  This building was built back in the early 20th century, though the exact date is unknown.  It was originally built to be a public meeting hall and not a church, which is why it has somewhat of an untraditional church building look to it.  We are greatful to have a building and to be able to gather in one consistent location to freely worship our great God.

On the left is the door to our nursery, which is adjacent to the worship hall.  Next to the door you can see our book ministry.  We sell and give away Reformed literature for the benefit of the congregation and visitors seeking to grow in knowledge of the Scriptures, Reformed theology, Church history, and the Christian life.

On the right, you can see our fellowship hall.  Here we have our monthly fellowship meals and times of celebration.

On the left you can see our church sign which is clearly displayed on route 202/31.  Thousands of cars pass this sign everyday.

On the right you can see our banner display.  We switch banners periodically to proclaim what be believe.  As you can see here, we believe in the "TRUTH", who we know is our savior Jesus Chris, who is the way and the truth and the life.  Thanks be to God that this knowledge comes from his grace alone!   

We took this shot after evening worship one joyous Lord's Day.  The rainbow reminded us of God's faithfulness to his covenant promises.

This is from our 2011 Seminar on Reformed Theology, featuring Dr. Lane G. Tipton and Dr. Richard B. Gaffin.  The topic was on the Christian's Union with Christ.