Calvary Church of Amwell

A Congregation of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church

Ministering the Whole Counsel of God to the Whole People of God!"

Serving Hunterdon County with the good news of the Gospel since 1937!

Planning to Visit Us?  Here's What to Expect!

If you are planning to visit us, you may be wondering what to expect once you arrive at the church.  Here are some things you will find when you get here.

1.  A Warm Welcome.  The people of our congregation enjoy visitors and will delight to see you here.  You will receive a sincere welcome and genuine concern for how we may serve you.

2.  Reverent, But Not Stuffy, Worship.  We believe that in the service we are in the presence of the true and living God, therefore we will seek to please him by worshipping him in a biblical way.  The service is "traditional" in that we sing from a hymn book and use a Reformed liturgy (see bulletin on Resources page).  But we are also aware of the fact that worshipping God is a joyful endeavor, and so the service will reflect that joy. 

3.  Variety of Dress Styles.  We have no dress code.  We do encourage people to dress modestly.  But particular styles or dress items (i.e., ties, dresses, hats, etc.) are not required.  You will find some people dressed in suits and dresses, some in more casual wear, some also in jeans and a tee-shirt.  We are a well-mixed group, with people of different ages, backgrounds, and styles.  We have small children, and senior citizens.  We have high schoolers, college students, singles, and young couples.     

4.  Children in the Pews.  We have a nursery and allow folks to make use of it for children under 5.  However, many parents prefer to have their children with them in the pews.  Some kids can make it all the way through the service.  However, some cannot and need time in the nursery.  That's what its there for, and you would be welcomed to make use of it if you have need of it.